R&D Group 2

R&D Plan 2-1
'Supporting the Virtual Experience of Well-being and Initiative to Discover Pleasure and Aspiration'

Principal Investigator (PI)

Tetsunari Inamura

Tamagawa University, Brain Science Institute

People make autonomous decisions of their own volition and enjoy participating in social activities. The positive loop of strong interrelationships between initiative, aspiration, decision-making, and pleasure is the source of better social activities, while the absence of one element can easily disrupt the whole. This research group aims to realize a system for creating positive experiences using virtual reality (VR) technology to maximize an individual's subjective pleasure and aspirations from the perspective of well-being and agency. Through research tasks such as modeling the interrelationship between aspiration and pleasure in mobility experiences, establishing a mathematical methodology for finding pleasure and aspiration that is linked to the well-being and agency of the individual, and building a framework for discussing the optimization of the entire group experience from the optimization of the individual's experience, we aim to realize a support system that allows users not to overly depend on services provided by AI systems but actively engage in social activities of their own volition.

We also aim to form the basis for systems engineering discussions on improving well-being when implementing smart cities in society and to establish techniques for estimating human subjectivity by integrating brain science findings.